this leaf litter mixed forests central Russia.
 specially prepared.
no need for a Western European beech litter.
 ANY forest litter – WILL WORK!
in the meaning of the Russian method.
beech / beech tree / – is not needed!
Fagus sylvatica – free!
it cryptocoryne yujii bastmeijer, which requires a transplant.
litter – 3 cm at the bottom of the plastic container. on top of the litter – cryptocoryne yujii. 
cryptocoryne yujii fixed small stones. but it is possible to ignore this step bookmarks, content clean litter.
vserhu – another litter of 2-3 cm, a little reverse osmosis water.
and everything.
close the lid. grafting is completed.
container is placed on the window sill. Share information with the date and the parameters of the substrate is convenient to write directly on the lid of the container. 
 ph 5.5 ppm 139