The eleventh kriptokorinų European Community (ESC) meeting was held in Copenhagen, Danijoje.Susitikimas as usual there were 3 dienas.Vyko kriptokorinų lectures on the cultivation of biotopes travel impressions made cational experiment, plants mainai.Taip have visited Copenhagen Botanical Garden and the world’s largest collection of kriptokorinų to Niels ‘t Jacobsen’ą.


All gathered there penktadienį.Išklausėm pranešimų.Iššipasakojom some of the problems encountered growing crypts per year pasidalijom impressions about growing crypts, rings …. Saturday morning to see iškeliavom kriptokorinų collections and we went to the Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Niels Jacobsen collection “LIVE in the garden

 Niels Jacobsen


There are three separate a warm, grown only in the first two leaves of beech, with osmolality vandeniu.Auginamos “black water” kriptokorinos.Trečiajame grown in Sri Lanka kriptokorinos, Yom need more light, not too low pH, is not only used a garden covered with beech lapai.Visas to reduce day, the sun light (reduced by somewhere around 70%).


Nesuskaičiuojuojama many crypt :)

Niels shows how to grow crypts monitoring, transplant …

One of the rarest Cryptocoryne versteegii, just across the 4-5pcs kolekcijoj (as far as I know it is only the crypt)


Sri Lanka grupė.Kairėje different picture c.crispatula variacijos.Žemiau kriptokorinos that grow at a very low PH3 0.5 to 5. Each bottle is another kind of crypt, some of their larger populations, others less, but they are all excellent quality.




 C.nevilli        C.pallidervia

C.bullosa    C.striolata


Many kriptokorinų blossomed, but not flowering sezonas.Kai which, as the latter had vaisius.Dešineje picture barclaya rotundifolia išauginusi aerial leaves.

Also, we visited and adjacent plant collections



Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Giant territory is occupied by thousands of different plants rūšių.Po flit forest mushrooms, which are all afraid žmonių.Po lake fly various birds.




Tropical plants sode.Dešinėje picture over seventy rotundifolia growing in the water and above it.


I’m always caught as “besiskolinantį” plant :) this time kaltininkas.Kaip wolff photo of the usual, but for some reason few players in it, seip involved about 35-40 people.



As has always been interesting presentations, experiments, observations, travel pristatymai.Šiais was much talked about kriptokorinų hybridization, both among themselves and with Lagenandra rūšimi.Atvykęs GHAZANFAR Ghori told details about the meristem dauginimą.Niels Jacobsen talked about the different c.crispatula grupę.Kalbėta fertilizing effect of new cultivation techniques crypt …

The meeting had a little back of the lab which was apsitvarkyti pristatymai.Paaiškėjo less, more listening to lectures :)

Next year the meeting will be held in the first half of September, near Stuttgart, Germany.

Photos lose, Kettner